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Dear Benji is a website dedicated to Big Ben. Our goal is to help other people who are faced with veterinary malpractice learn how to fight for their pet and those who are faced with amputation of their pet's limb with information on how we came to this situation and what we did to make it a successful process, including pre- and post- surgery. Although Big Ben's life has completely changed and he is forced to learn how to do everyday things all over again - much like he did as a puppy, he has adjusted to this new lifestyle better than expected.

In this site, you will be able to see video and pictures of Ben, we will list the products which we use - because they work and which ones don't, including the reasons why. We will also include a place where you can write the name and address of a veterinarian who gave you bad customer service, provided poor service to your pet, or is a full- on quack who should have their license suspended. We will not allow rebuttals and we will not conceal your negative review (like Yelp does). Finally, we will give a space where you can keep up with our legal battle to de-license the vet who caused this and obtain relief for Ben also against the company who made the bandage.
Dear Benji,
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